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DUI and Substance Abuse Counseling

Dr. Russell provides alcohol and substance abuse related treatment to fulfill court ordered requirements for DUI and other substance abuse charges.

Domestic Violence Intervention Classes

These 29 week classes are generally required as a condition of supervised release for Domestic Battery charges; and provide skills to reduce conflict by changing thought and emotional response process.

Anger Management Counseling

One or Two day anger management classes available to meet your court ordered needs. Anger management services are available to both court ordered, and voluntary clients who desire to learn healthier emotional regulation.

Parenting Plan Facilitation

Having trouble agreeing on a Parenting Plan? Dr. Russell serves the court in helping un-coupling parents establish or modify their Parenting Plan. This service significantly reduces legal costs by focusing Plan development on the Best Interest of the Children, rather than the positional concerns of either parent.

Divorce Parenting and Family Stabilization Classes

Dr. Russell's FL State Approved parenting class is offered privately. No classroom sitting with other individuals and couples, but a private meeting of the two parents, receiving the course material together in a personalized setting to meet the specific needs of your family to help divorce be as smooth and amicable as possible.

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